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Crawlers In The Summer Night - Hobby Letter #10/22


Hello Friends and Enemies! It's Heikki and it is my favorite time - RC Crawler and Scale Realistic Truck time! I could spend all night just riding slow and low in the forest. It is hard to explain but there is something very rewarding to see your truck finally make it on top of the rock when the tires find the grip just before you tip over..!

With slow trucks the challenges are real but very different than with faster cars. Driving the trails is very meditative but when you really want to test your trucks capabilities you need to make some rules for yourself.

Use of the "Hand of the God" rule - what means that you do not touch or lift your truck with hands while on trail - really changes the way you approach those obstacles. Remember also to keep the Spirit of the Scale -attitude. You can read more about this topic and history of RC crawl from our Hobby Letter 13/21 "Creepy Crawlers", archived here!

Remember to come back to read more of our latest crawlers and scale trucks. Let's see what we have and what is coming up!

Haulin' Wolf

Now here is something that has really caught eye of everyone. New TRX-6 Ultimate RC Hauler 6x6 from Traxxas was released recently and at same day we had people contacting us drooling and babbling something about Shutting up and Taking Their Money!

We just received few of these to our shop for In-Store Collection purchases only (online sales start at July 8.!) and you can be sure that we unboxed one. Oh boys and girls this beast is massive! When RC car is over one meter long, it is cool. No exceptions! Seriously, it looks really good and while it does not represent any "real" truck, it indeed has all the proportions and measurements done right.

While it can strap any 1:10 sized RC touring car in its flatbed it is still a full capable "crawler" with portal axles, lockable differentials and 2-speed gearbox. It has also total of 25 factory-installed LED's included. Can't wait those gloomy dark but warm late summer nights to see them in action.

Seeing this truck standing proud in our shop makes me somehow very happy. It symbolizes the popularity that crawlers have achieved since the early days of self-built rigs with TLT-axles and age of SCX-10.

Crawling on Budget

Not everything has to be top-shelf or fully licensed. British brand FTX has been manufacturing (and constantly updating!) their excellent line of budget-level crawlers for almost decade now. First Outback was.. lets say adorable but latest 3rd generation trucks can easily hold their stance against bigger players.

We basically sold out all of these when the summer begun but I just received a secret message that there is a big batch of these already on their way! Especially the small'n'mighty Outback 3 Paso RTR has find its customers.

Interesting new add to the FTX family is the Mountain Rescue themed Kanyon XL. This well-balanced classic truck is equipped with 2-speed gearbox and a working front winch that is quite essential when going deeper in the woods. Mountain Rescue Kanyon XL and set of Pasos are still on their way but put your name on the list and we let you know instantly when they crawl in to our Storage Room.

FTX ready-to-run crawlers are more than perfect for those who are still learning how to drive RC but make also a good budget choice when looking to get in to hot and steamy crawling action!

Heat of The Night

I could talk all night about crawlers! Maybe it is because they were my first touch for modern RC and also because I am indeed a very very slow person. This type of racing suits my laid back (read: lazy AF) lifestyle!

It also seems to suit many others as RC Crawling is getting more and more popular every year. In pic above you can find few of our fabulous Members Rides! In first picture we have couple of Traxxas TRX-4 somewhere deep beyond the beaten path from our good friend Andreas S.

Second picture has beautifully painted TRX-4 Sport from Björn H. taking it easy in the hot summer sun. So relaxing photo and makes me want to chill in the long grass! Thank you very much guys, these photos are always very highly appreciated.

Keep those pictures coming folks, everything RC related welcome, just reply in this mail and attach some of your best shots!

Hot summer time and thanks for reading!

Heikki / EuroRC

ps. Have you checked out what we have in our Scale RC and Building section? From there you'll find winches, light kits and also raw building materials such as black styrene and impact-resistant PVC-panel sheets. All of our scale building materials are hand cut by me with delicate and very high accuracy ;)

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