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2023 Best Moments - EuroRC Hobby Letter 7/23


We had a fun year 2023! Here are some of our Best Moments here at your favourite RC Shop - Please Enjoy and we hope that you catch some great ideas for your hobby with these!

All photos (c) Jani Viipuri and EuroRC (please follow us in Instagram @eurorc, @eurorc_warehouse and @japsu)

Happy New Year 2024 from EuroRC Crew!! 

Traxxas New Basher Buggy Sledge 6S was one of the first trucks to make it to the track this year!

This is how you make new hobbyists! No other hobby gives the same excitement than RC cars do.

When it gets too cold outside, you can always hit the local indoor track! Just remember to clean your racer well from dirt before you go.

Winter is perfect time for good old bashing. Atleast here in Finland!

When in track, always race carefully and treat other drivers with respect! Like we do.

Spring time rises and the snow starts to melt. With good tires there is no problem to hit the icy track even with a low riding touring car.

Modern RC cars are often Splash Proof from factory. Remember to dry well and oil the moving parts afterwards!

Tamiya 1:14 racing trucks are pop! This racing class is known to be easy to approach and very equal per its rules. Check out what available here!

It's summer time! What is your weapon of choice for next season?

We had a Open Doors day at the shop in June. Good times and happy customers!

Rare shot from inside our shop. If you are nearby, please pay a visit.

Buggies in the heat! Classic Off-Road Buggy Racing keeps its popularity year after year!

It's all about co-operation!

Another action-packed shot from true competition. In RC, things can change fast!

Taking it to the limit and beyond! This awesome RC body available here.

RC buggies chillin' out and enjoying the lazy summer days!

Racing with 1:8 Pan Cars is serious business. They are perhaps the fastest RC cars ever seen on the track.

Under the hood of nitro powered 1:8 Pan Racer. Note how everything is packed super low.

Wheelie Pop Don't Stop! Custom body Traxxas MAXX built by our customer.

"I must go. My people need me."

Beware of Mud Beast! 

Team Corally makes some of the most best handling and powerful bashers out there.

Have you built your Tamiya Rally Car? You have! Great! Now build another!

Nitro or Nothing! Traxxas T-MAXX is a true nitro fueled monster truck. Not for newbs!

Every now and then we keep an auction to sell our gently used or otherwise oddball products. Many good deals were done that day.

Creepy Creepy Crawlers! These beasts roam slow but do things that no other RC can ever do. Find your crawler here!

OK time to pack it up boys! No! Not like THAT!

Thanks for your time, now click to the shop and find something fun for yourself.

Happy new year 2024!

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