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Best RC Cars 2023


Nothing beats the excitement of blasting around with RC car! If you are addicted to fast speeds and crazy stunts or you prefer to crawl slowly in the mud we got a right car for you here at EuroRC. Read further to find our Teams Best Picks for this season and dive in to one of the most interesting and mind tinkering technical hobbies there is. 

Remember that our brilliant Customer Service is always here to help you so do not hesitate to reach out to us no matter how small or big your questions are!

BEST Monster Truck 2023

RC Monster Truck is a true classic and very popular choice for The First RC Car. Big tires bite tight in the ground and high position chassis helps these climb easily over the obstacles. Wide footprint plays also important role to prevent your car from sudden roll-overs.

Monster Truck have often more than enough of power (send it!) available but if you are just getting in to hobby or purchasing a gift for a younger driver, we recommend you the slower versions with "brushed motor" -type powerline. 

Brushless monsters have anyhow way more power and are therefore just simply more fun! Many modern brushless trucks can be also recommended for a first car. Just add good set of LiPO (Lithium-polymer) batteries and a suitable charger and let it fly! When it comes to customization of the RC Monster Truck the only limit is your imagination!

Find Entry-level and Budget Brushed monster trucks here!

Team Corally Sketer 4x4 4S 1:10 Monster Stunt Truck

Team Corally Sketer 4x4 XL4S

Sketer 4x4 4S is a latest member of bomb-proof Team Corally Stunt Truck family. This warhead on wheels holds large amount of explosive brushless power inside but is still easy to handle thanks to great suspension geometry! Rugged monster truck Sketer 4x4 pops wheelies by demand and throws backflips with ease. We have bombed this with no mercy and it has proven its place as one of our most durable trucks we've ever seen.

Sketer 4x4 has been designed especially the sport of bashing in mind and what we can tell is that this thing is strong! Extra large shocks and tires help to absorb the hits and sturdy chassis support tube gives even more extra strength. Sketer is built much stonger than any other 1:10 Monster Truck. Pillow cushion-type of roof support gives extra protection for the body when your landing goes upside down.

When looking for most updated and strongest Monster Bashing Trucks, Sketer 4x4 is your pick! Don't believe me? Check out our review from below and see your self!

Team Corally Sketer 4x4 4S 1:10 Monster Stunt Truck - RTR without battery or charger

BEST Stunt Truggy 2023

Truggies - or Stadium Trucks - are much like Monsters but ride lower and usually are designed to go faster per their geometry. With Truggy you get pretty much best of both worlds while losing only the some of the high ground clearance that monsters have.

Maverick Quantum+ XT Flux 3S 1:10 4WD Stadium Truck RTR

Maverick Quantum+ XT Flux 3S 1/10 4WD Stadium Truck RTR

Modern in design, durable by materials. Maverick RC is known from its Bang-For-The-Buck attitude and Quantum+ is just that! Equipped with high powered brushless set of electronics and very low CG (Center of Gravity) this epic Stadium Truck is ready to go FAST!

Maverick Quantum+ XT Flux features up-to-date Pivot Ball-type type of wheel hubs that are accurate and protect (atleast try to! Mind your driving lol!) the other suspension parts in case of unfortunate accident. Full metal powertrain with HD parts and robust MOD-1 type gearing is the right choice for truggy like this. 

Three differentials and oil-filled shocks open huge possibilities to fine tune this truck to suit your own style and the local track. When playing with RC Cars you will need a spare sooner or later. This is why we always keep a sweet stock of essential spare parts for all of our Maverick RC Cars available in our shop.

Check out what this Mad Truggy is capable of from our ruthless test blasting video!

From Maverick RC you also find more easy going brushed versions for beginners. Check out their selection from this link!

Maverick Quantum+ XT Flux 3S 1:10 4WD Stadium Truck RTR

BEST RC Street Car 2023

Everyone loves on-road going street cars! These are your best choice when you are about to race in a parking lot or local "RC Touring Car track". Stiff suspension and super low ride height keep these awesomely realistic looking sport cars like glued to the surface.

Like always, for beginners we recommend to go with milder brushed versions but when you need some speed - go straight brushless!

Pro-Tip: Many Street Cars can be modified to be Drift Cars just by changing the tires to hard plastic ones!

HPI Racing Sport 3 -series 1:10 On-Road and Drift Cars

True and tested Sport 3 -platform from HPI Racing can be only recommended. Full time, shaft driven 4WD layout makes sure that these beasts stay in control. The entire drivetrain, including the central driveshaft and gear diffs, is completely sealed to prevent dirt, rocks and debris from damaging or binding the drivetrain.

Sport 3 is available in many mouth watering body versions both brushed and brushless (FLUX-models) that respect the spirit original ones and are of course full licensed and legit. All of these cars are also splash proof so little puddles make no problem here!

For HPI Racing Sport 3 family there is a wide selection of spare and custom parts available and you can easily change the looks of your car later with a different body and wheel sets. Find our (unpainted) selections of Sport 3 bodies here! (Most 200mm wide bodies are a perfect fit!)

HPI Racing Sport 3 -series 1:10 On-Road and Drift Cars

psst.. Want to build it from ground up yourself? Get HPI Racing RS3 Sport3 Creator Edition Builders Kit!

BEST Off-Road Buggy 2023

Classic Off-Road buggy is still valid choice today. If we look only performance wise, this type of setup is hands down the best possible platform for what it takes to be a capable Off-Road racing car. Huge tires, long suspension arms and low flying chassis are the recipe for the win and has always been. 

These buggies are also very sensitive when it comes to handling. While well performing, these cars can be recommended for beginners with a warm heart. This type of RC car has perhaps the most to give and can be driven both in your backyard or the local track. 

Team Corally Asuga XLR 6S RTR or Roller Version 

Team Corally Asuga XLR Off-Road Buggy

New for 2023, the Team Corally Asuga XLR 6S is precision-engineered to satisfy its owners with the fastest, most durable, and best-handling RC buggy ever produced. It has a wider (+15% more compared to classic 1:8 scale platform cars) footprint, a long wheelbase and of course super powerful 6S-ready (thats 22.2 volts! In RC car!) quality electronics make this car to shine in its own unmatched glory. 

Team Corally has over 30 years of competition experience so we can say with confidence that this car handles and performs well. Like really well! Asuga XLR takes us back to good old days of RC but is also updated with modern day solutions and materials. Maybe it is a buggy from the future that we all been waiting for! Just to see standing and being ready for some serious racing makes us feel more than excited!

Team Corally Asuga XLR 6S - RTR with electronics included (no battery or charger) 

Team Corally Asuga XLR Roller Version (without any electronics)

Read more about Team Corally and their legacy here!

BEST Crawler Truck 2023

Traxxas TRX-4 Ford F150 High Trail Crawler RTR

King of The Crawlers Traxxas TRX-4 keeps its popularity! This is no wonder as it has everything (and more!) what you would ever expect to find from RC Crawler Off-Road Truck. Capability of this truck has been proven true and its durability is in class of its own.

Traxxas TRX-4 Ford F150 High Trail Crawler RTR

Features and functions of TRX-4 are simply incredible. It performs excellent in the technical crawling like cliffs and rocks but thanks to its two speed gearbox, it can drive fast enough to keep the pace in the trails. Remote lockable differentials (just like in real Off-Road Trucks!) expand the versatility of TRX-4 to next level and high rising portal axles give extra ground clearance.

Did we talk about the stunning scale looks yet? Fully licensed and official bodies give the final realistic touch to TRX-4 and if you don't know what you're looking at it's easy to think that this is a very real, full sized truck! 

Latest High-Rise versions Ford F150 and Chevrolet K10 add even more of ground clearance and are equipped with extra large sized offroad tires.

Traxxas TRX-4 Ford F150 High Trail Crawler RTR - No battery or charger included


Ready to dive to the Deep End? Large Scale Trucks are the final tier of RC hobby for many and these beasts cannot be recommended for anyone's first truck. Unless you are very sure that you can handle these powers! 

Keep in mind that these are really, like for real, big remote controlled cars and will cause heavy damage to surroundings if handled poorly. Mind your surroundings! In the other hand, nothing is cooler than sending it with a large scale truck! 

In this scale the highest tier is at Nitro trucks but many of our Big RC Cars are available in over-powered brushless electronic versions.

HPI Racing - Savage XL 5.9 Nitro GTXL-6 Monster Truck

Send it with Savage! Legendary monster truck Savage from HPI Racing carries its name with pride. This beast is wild! Many other larger scale cars are not real monsters even though they claim to be. They are actually just big buggies (with one piece, solid chassis tub) that have large tires.  But it takes more to be a True Monster!

All Savages are equipped with thing called Twin Vertical Plates and they make a huge difference to how car handles and performs. This is how the real life monster trucks are basically also designed. TVP-type of design gives more ground clearance keeping the chassis footprint very minimal. They also protect the essential powertrain parts keeping everything between just like in sandwich!

Strong suspension and sturdy arms are combined to extra wide monster truck tires. All Savages come prebuilt and are ready for action - just add nitro (and read instructions about correct break-in of the motor) or full charged batteries for brushless powered Savage XL.

HPI Racing - Savage XL 5.9 Nitro GTXL-6 Monster Truck

HPI Racing -monster trucks here

Read more about HPI Savage XL from our EuroRC Hobby Letter!

Rip and Tear! Life is meant to be enjoyed! Just remember that wrecks and broken parts are very much part of this hobby - this is why we keep a huge spare parts availability for all of our cars here at our own private owned warehouse. We know our hobby and we know our trucks!

Click here to view our Special Offers! Maybe you find something that gives you enjoyment for a long long time!

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