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EuroRC Gift and Hobby Ideas

Are you looking for a gift or a beginner level car for yourself? 

Finding the right RC car from our shop is easy! From all the cars available our team has collected basic information along the age and hobby level recommendations. Take a look and Get a Grip of our selected Hobby and Professional level RC cars!

From EuroRC you will get full warranty and full spare and custom part availability for all of our represented RC brands. Why buy something that you cannot fix if broken? 

Do not hesitate to contact us no matter how small your question is - just send email and we reply as fast as possible.

Here you can find some of the most popular RC-cars and Builer Kits on the market today and some other great gift ideas for everyone no matter what the level is! We cover everything from beginners to more advanced hobbyists! 

Please note that especially bigger and more powerful monster trucks can be dangerous in the inexperienced hands due their huge mass and fast speed. Great power comes with great responsibility!

BlackZon RC Trucks for Beginners

Fun and easy-to-use BlackZon RC cars now at EuroRC! We were surprised by the budget vs. quality these cheaper end trucks have. We've also had great fun with these here at the warehouse! If you are looking for a perfect Ready-To-Run RC car set for a gift - look no further! 

There's two styles of these cars available. Small, 1:16 sized Slyders are fun little critters and medium-sized, 1:12 Smyters get over larger obstacles with ease. Battery for the car is included and it comes with handy USB-type of battery charger. 

BlackZon cars are easy to handle and just-fast-enough for safe fun!

Theres many different versions and styles available from BlackZons in our shop, click below to find your favourite.

Remember that while easy for your wallet, BlackZon RC cars are real RC cars, meaning that they can be fully repaired and serviced. From us you'll get a wide spare parts availability for BlackZon too. Driving and repairing your First Real RC car is very educative and great alternative for everyday digital entertainment!

  • Four wheel driven Monsters and Truggies and Buggies. Fully assembled, controller included.
  • Maximum speed: Up to 30km/h - Not too fast!
  • Recommended for a First RC Car. Suits children below the age of 12 years.
  • Batteries included!
  • Spare parts available

BlackZon Slyder MT 1:16 4WD Electric Monster Truck RTR

BlackZon Smyter DT 1/12 4WD Electric Desert Truck RTR

Find more BlackZon Ready-To-Run cars here!

Monster or Nothing! Maverick Quantum and Quantum+ Flux

Looking for something “a bit faster but still in budget and what you can race a bit in the backyard or maybe bash a little”? If that is the case, we recommend you these Maverick Quantum budget-level RC cars!

These modern and up-to-date monster trucks are fun to blast around! Quantums are built tough and as we know you love speed, we are selling only the fast versions with brushless motors. 

There is a cheaper 30A basic version for beginners and a faster version with higher power 80A of electronics available. Plus-version has a superfast 100A of powerline and is recommended only for more experienced drivers.

Quantums are available in robust Monster and Truggy looks and are litium battery (LiPO) ready! Battery is not included. These trucks have Big tires and lots of power! Quantum+ XP Flux is a Big Brother of these trucks and is unmatched in performance. Check out our test video of this truck!

When searching a good, basic monster truck that meets standards of today in both design an electronics, we recommend Maverick Quantum and Quantum+ Flux!

If you break (and usually after some time you will - its all part of this hobby!) something do not worry - we have full spare part availability with the fastest delivery. Get into sport with budget and dont forget that we have plenty of tuning and custom parts also available!

  • Four wheel driven Monster and Truggy. Fully assembled, controller included.
  • Maximum speed: Up to 60km/h, 100A version +80km/h
  • Recommended for a little more experienced driver or children over the age of 12 years.
  • Battery and charger to be bought separately

Basic model, Maverick Quantum MT Flux 30A Brushless Truggy

Faster version, Maverick Quantum MT Flux 80A Monster Truck

Bigger and better, Maverick Quantum XT Flux 100A Truggy

Find Maverick Quantum RC Monsters here!

TAMIYA Builders Kits, large variation of models.

Building these is fun! Tamiya is a true legend among the scale model and RC world and their famous kits are interesting and educational to build. These offer also a great hands-on alternative for digital entertainment. 

From our wide selection you will find a large variety of models from Classic Street Racers and Historical Rally Legends to Volkswagen 60’s hippie bus all the way to modern ages futuristic E-formula cars. Many famous and immortal Tamiya sets from Golden Age of RC are also available in re-release kits for you to build. 

These make excellent gift "For The Significant Other Who Already Has Everything" or to build together with a child. Like said, these are fun and educational what fits to all age and hobby level ranges! From our shop you will also find custom and spare parts for Tamiya models! Read at this excellent building article here at our shop to catch the idea!

  • Kit-type sets that recommends some building. Requires separate electronics and radio equipment
  • Body requires painting (Pre-painted models available limited)
  • Maximum speed: Depending on the model, approx 40-50km/h.
  • Recommended for building together with the child or from 12 years and up. Very recommended for adults!
  • Nostalgia sets available
  • Colours: Usually includes unpainted, clear plastic body. Requires painting.

Click here to go to the Tamiya Builders Kit page!

Budget friendly Maverick Phantom Cars

Phantom -series is Maverick RC's take on even-more-budget friendly beginner cars. These have also been very popular option for beginner level hobbyists and another good choice for The First RC.

Comparing to BlackZon, Phantoms are bigger, full 1:10 sized vehicles and bit more powerful. Top speed is still very easy to help little drivers keep their car in track.

Phantom cars looks cool, are all-weather-resistant and a Real Four-Wheel-Driven RC Truck with full spare part support. Big wheels that pull from every corner, metallic powertrain and steep approaching angle along the oil-filled suspension ensure that this good looking little beast is entertaining and fun to drive! 

All Phantoms are fully assembled and Ready-To-Drive after you charge the battery with convinicient USB-style charger.

  • 1:10 scale four-wheel-driven monster truck or buggy. Ready-To-Run.
  • Maximum speed: Limited to 30km/h
  • Recommended for a child as first vehicle
  • Fully assembled. Battery and controller included.

Click here to find Phantom RC Cars

Budget Easy Ready-to-Run - Maverick Strada Series

Get straight to the action with fun Maverick Strada RC cars and trucks! Strada has been around for a long time and is very popular beginner level "First Real RC"-car. Maverick Strada is available in many different looks but all models share same basic components. 

All Stradas are also full four wheel driven (4WD) and come Ready-To-Run with radio, drive battery and USB-charger included!

Hit the local off-road track with Cross-Road Buggy Strada XB or blast through the backyard with Strada XT Stadium Truck! For On-Street and parking lot races we have Maverick Strada TC Touring Car and DC Drift Car. All Maverick Stradas are available both basic brushed (blue) and faster brushless (red) models.

  • 1/10 scale four-wheel-driven RC cars. Fully assembled. Battery and controller included.
  • Maximum speed: Brushed 35km/h, brushless ~50km/h
  • Very recommended for a beginner as first vehicle
  • Many dirfferent models and looks available!

Click here to go to find Maverick Strada Ready-To-Run RC Cars!

Check out our Strada Test Drive Video and have a look of Strada repair and service videos!

Adventure deep in the woods with Crawler Trucks

Everyone loves Crawlers! Hence the name, these are not very fast at all but take it back with ultimate climbing and trailing abilities. These are often also very good looking scale realistic cars that are hypnotizing to watch climbing over the rocks with ease. 

Slower speed means also less breaking parts, more running time and with a high capacity LiPO-battery (sold separately) is no miracle to get over two hours of pure crawling fun!

Many hobbyists also build these trucks in the miniature (dollhouse!) style with all the needed scale equipment - driver figures, shovels, 2-ton lifts and other needed essentials! When playing with crawlers the upgrade options are basically unlimited - you can install better tires, heavier wheels and led lights easily afterwards from multiple different brands.

Check out our Scale RC and Crawler Building Custom parts!

Traxxas TRX-4 is the King of the Crawlers

Many may know name of Traxxas even if you have not been following this sport before. What we are talking here abbout is one of the biggest and important names in the game and they really take their business seriously. You will find something for everyone no matter if you want to race fast or crawl slow. When it comes to RC crawling, Traxxas TRX-4 is the boss. 

TRX-4 is available in many highly realistic versions like Land Rover Defender, Ford Bronco, Mercedes-Benz G500 AMG. This truck has everything from portal axels that give you higher ground clearance and working switchable locks at the differentials make driving even more interesting! 

Hands down, TRX-4 is the milestone of adventure trucks and best on the market today that we are talking about. There is also 6x6 version available for those who like it big.

  • 1/10 sized four wheel driven RC-crawler. Fully assembled. Controller included (not if kit).
  • Maximum speed: Fast walking speed, approx 15-20km/h
  • High Ground Clearance
  • High Torque for climbing
  • Recommended for a child as first vehicle (some of the features may be complex to understand)
  • Colours: Depends of the model

Click here to go to the Traxxas TRX-4 Crawler product page!

TRX-4M for Palm-sized Crawler Fun!

Mighty Traxxas TRX-4M micro sized crawlers have surprised us with their popularity! While small on size (only ~270mm length) they are incredibly well made and are packed with great features! They are also highly customizable with axle weights or even a trailer. 

Make a challenging obstacle course in your living room or go for a great adventure in your own garden! TRX-4M trucks are fully assembled and include a high capacity lithium battery and a handy USB charger.  

With palm-sized TRX-4M crawlers the fun and challenges are just waiting to happen!

  • 1/18 sized four wheel driven palm sized RC-crawlers. Fully assembled. Controller included.
  • Maximum speed: Fast walking speed, approx 10km/h
  • High Ground Clearance
  • High Torque for climbing
  • Recommended for a child as first vehicle (some of the features may be complex to understand)
  • Colours: Depends of the model

Click here to find Traxxas TRX-4M Micro Crawlers!

Street and Drift Cars (HPI Racing E10 and RS4 Sport3)

Wanna go Fast and Furious? HPI Racing has two excellent lines of realistic looking race capable street machines! These cars are always ready built and ready to drive - battery and charger is always included in these kits. 

HPI Racing E10 is a well performing, shaft driven drift chassis (with option to make it a Touring car) and legendary HPI Racing RS4 Sport3 is a full blooded belt-driven Touring car that is box out competition legal. We carry a wide option and spare part availability for both of these excellent and high quality RC cars.

We have many different good looking versions out of these cars. Check them out below!

  • 1/10 sized four wheel driven RC Street Car. Fully assembled. Controller included.
  • Maximum speed: 35km/h - 70km/h (requires tuning and customization)
  • Recommended for a child as first vehicle from ages 12 and up due the fast speed of the truck.
  • Colours: Many different versions

HPI Racing - E10 Drift Fail Crew Nissan Skyline R34 GTR

HPI Racing - Sport 3 - 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Custom RTR

Find all of our Street and Drift Cars from here!

Team Corally Stunt Trucks and Monsters

Beware! These cars are dangerous! Huge sized Stunt Monsters from Team Corally are big, evil and mean spirited trouble makers of the RC world. We are not kidding! 

Latest out in Team Corallys famous bashing series is incredibly strong built and super powerful Kagama XP6S Bashing Monster Truck. It is claimed to be one of the most durable and best handling Monster Trucks ever built!

Equipped with way too big 2050 Kv brushless electric motor and 25kg servo this Stunt Monster Truck can cause permanent damage in inexperienced hands! Therefore we are recommending this savage beast only for those who can pay respect to its insane power. 

With Kagama you make crazy big air jumps and question the laws of the physics with mad backflips! 

Even though it’s a literal RC powerhouse full of explosive energy it is still engineered with a good eye. Team Corallys decades long experience in RC competition ensures that this truck is designed to be fully controllable even in the fastest speeds. Full spare part support from us, naturally! This is The Basher Truck if you are looking for one!

  • 1/8 scale 4x4 Stunt Monster Truck. Controller included. No battery or charger!
  • New, more durable design
  • Maximum speed: over 100km/h with 6S LiPO battery (sold separately but fits in car)
  • Not recommended for children. From ages 12 and up.

Team Corally Kagama XP 6S - Model 2023 - 1:8 Monster Truck RTR

Team Corally Sketer Stunt Monster Truck

Sketer 4x4 4S is a latest member of Team Corally Stunt Truck family and while bit smaller it still holds large amount of explosive brushless power inside! This rugged monster truck pops wheelies by demand and throws backflips with ease. 

This truck has been designed especially the sport of bashing in mind and what we can tell is that this thing is strong! Extra large shocks and tires help to absorb the hits and sturdy chassis support tube gives even more extra strength.

When looking for most updated and strongest Monster Bashing Trucks, Sketer 4x4 is your pick!

  • 1/10 scale 4x4 Stunt Monster Truck. Controller included. No battery or charger!
  • Maximum speed: over 100km/h can be reached
  • Not recommended for children. From ages 12 and up.

Team Corally Sketer 4x4 Monster Truck here!

Check out our ruthless Sketer test drive video!

Thanks for having a look to our Gift Ideas. We hope that you find something that excites you! If you have any questions please contact us! Have a nice visit at our shop!

Best Regards,

EuroRC Customer Support

ps. Since you made it this far, check out these cool videos we have made! Just RC NO BS!

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