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Xray XT4 Build

The XT4 is Xray's latest entry into a new class, the 1/10 electric truggy class.

Let's take a closer look at this exciting new release!

The XT4 is based on the successful Xray XB4 4wd buggy, which means that the base of this new chassis is already proven reliable and ultra successful.

Inside the fairly large kit box you get the usual high quality Xray parts, bagged in building steps. As per usual you get an excellent Xray manual, parts lists, sticker set, and window masks for the new XT4 truggy body. Suitable white wheels are also included.

The first building steps are to assemble the front, rear, and center gear differentials.

Proven XB4 diffs are used, and in the kit you get 30k oil for the front diff, 10k for the rear, and 100k oil for the center diff. An 81T spur gear is included as a starting point.

Again, the front and rear bulkheads or gearboxes are shared with the XB4 buggy.

It's the same with the 105mm and 72mm Hudy Spring Steel central driveshafts.

The rear arms are shared with the XT2 truck, and are available in medium, hard, and graphite versions. In the XT4 kit you get medium arms as standard.  The front arms are new for the XT4, and also medium compound.

The suspension arms are held by the familiar Xray system of alu suspension holders with eccentric bushings for geometry adjustments. Both the front and rear end of the car gets 1.8mm roll-bars included in the kit.

The shock towers are beefy 3.5mm thick both ends, with a couple of choices for shock mounting and upper links.

Here we have reached the stage where front and rear units are fully assembled.

Most of the parts are again familiar from the XB2, XT2, and XB4 cars, with proven uprights, c-hubs, and steering blocks etc. used throughout. These parts are included in hard variants, with the c-hubs included have 9 degrees of caster built-in.

The upper arm turnbuckles are Hudy Spring Steel, 75mm at the rear, 70mm at the front. Drive shafts are also the same high quality steel, 92mm at the rear and 99mm at the front.

The rear wing mount is again shared with the XB4.

A black anodised 2mm thick chassis is used for the XT4, and since shared with the XB4, the optional 2.5mm thick XB4 chassis is already available for tuning.

Composite front and rear braces are used on the center line, with graphite braces on top. The composite side guards included are H hardness, with options again available.

Steering now attached to the chassis together with the complete front end. A graphite plate connects the steering and front bulkhead. The steering is super smooth without any special tricks.

Rear end mated to the chassis. and it's starting to look like a proper racing chassis.

The center differential is housed within the alu motor mount / bulkhead, and composite central bulkhead, with a graphite plate holding the diff down.

Again, these are the same parts used on the XB4, and together with the chassis the center transmission and motor mount can be mounted further forward or rearward for weight balance adjustments (obviously you need different optionally available central driveshafts for this).

Here you see the front shocks assembled and added to the XT4, together with front body posts.

The shocks are superb as you would expect from Xray, and easy to build with good instructions in the manual. Linear 4 dot springs are included for the front, as is 650cSt oil, while the initial setting is with 2 hole 1.6mm pistons.

Rear shocks assembled and fitted, with Linear 3 dot springs, 450cSt oil, and 2 hole 1.7mm pistons used.

The initial setting is to mount the rear shocks in front of the rear shock tower and arms, while the option of mounting them behind is also available.

Both front and rear shocks are mounted to the towers with Xray's special steel mounting screws.

Simple plastic servo mounts are included, with the Independent Servo Mount Set (#366220) available as a fancier option for mounting your steering servo.

Two different battery holders are included to hold down your shorty lipo battery, the extra-long version shown here assembled according to the instructions, with a slightly shorter version in the box as well. These together with the foam spacer allows quick and easy weight balance adjustments.

A composite radio plate is included, making it easy to remove the electronics with two screws when you need to clean the car.

The only thing left is to cut out the XT4 specific truggy body and the rear wing, and fit these to the car together with the truck wheels.

Obviously the body need painting as well, which should be easy enough with the included window mask, as there are no complex shapes on this body.

That's it, the new Xray XT4 is built and ready for installation of electronics and tyres.

A very straightforward build from start to finish, and no doubt the car should work very well on track with it sharing so many parts with the śuccessful XB4, XB2, and XT2.

Now it's time for you to get yourself your own XT4 to enjoy!

Xray 1:10 XT4 - 4WD 1/10 Electric Off-Road Truggy

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