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Hobbywing Settings Explained

Hobbywing settings explained by Alexander Hagberg

XR10 esc settings are explained clearly. Feature by feature explanations of the major settings of the esc is finally available. Simple chart explains what lower and higher value means and how it affects.


  • Bec Voltage

Lower Value: Effect: Leave the BEC setting at 6.0V for all normal type servos for a normal servo functions.

Setting: 6.0V

Higher Value: Effect: For the new generation of HV (High Voltage) servos that are on the market, you may use 7.4V BEC setting for a bigger power output to your servo, to maximise its performance. The risk is the BEC output will be not consistant after the battery voltage lower than 7.4V

Setting: 7.4V


  • Throttle Rate Control

Lower Value: Effect: This setting determines the throttle response. The lower value, the smoother the throttle will feel.

Recommendation: 20

Higher Value: Effect: For increased punch, for instance, for stock racing and for bigger tracks, try a higher value.

Recommendation: 30

  • Neutral Range

Lower Value: Effect: Sometimes referred to as „dead band", this setting refers to the percentage of throttle input you need to use to actually make the car move forward. The bigger the range, the less reactive the throttle will feel.

Recommendation: 6%

Higher Value: Effect: To have a smoother throttle feel, at least in the first part of the throttle range, try increasing this value.

Recommendation: 8%

  • Coast

Lower Value: Effect: Coast is a setting which can be helpful when a very long gear ratio is used, to stop the stronger drag brake effect of using such a ratio. Adding some % of coast will make the car have a more natural slow down as throttle is released. This is a special setting for some kinds of power configuration.

Recommendation: 0%

Higher Value: Effect: Try adding 5-10% of coast when running with motor which has a stronge drag feeling or with a very long gear ratio, this will help the car slow down more naturally when you release the throttle, for instance after a long straight. Keep in mind that the coast will only be activated if the drag brake setting is set to 0%.

Recommendation: 5-10%

  • Drive Frequency

Lower Value: Effect: A lower drive frequency will make the throttle feel more punchy, but at the expense of higher temp.

Recommendation: 8K for modified 2K or 4K for blinky indoor

Higher Value: Effect: For a smoother feel, especially in modified classes, try increasing this value. Keep in mind that a higher value of this setting will develop more heat in the ESC.

Recommendation: 12-16K

  • Softening value

Lower Value: Effect: As grip is increasing, or you need a bit more bottom end power, try to reduce this value. Recommendation: 20% for modified 0% for stock

Higher Value: Effect: This function makes the bottom end of the throttle milder. It's a useful tuning aid, particularly in low grip conditions, to minimize wheel spin. Start with a high value.

Recommendation: 25%

  • Softening range

Lower Value: Effect: As grip is increasing, or if you need a bit more bottom end to mid range power, try to reduce this value.

Recommendation: 30%

Higher Value: Effect: This value determines where softening starts and ends. Higher number makes the softering effect last longer. For instance, a good basic setting is to have it set to up to 50% of throttle input.

Recommendation: 50%


  • Drag Brake

Lower Value: Effect: It's the braking power applied when the throttle is released and moved to the neutral position. Apply it cautiously, as a higher value will develop more heat in the ESC. A good starting point fo modified TC is 15% for most tracks.

Recommendation: 15%

Higher Value: Effect: For higher grip tracks, especially indoor asphalt tracks, or outdoor asphalt tracks that has been sprayed with sugar water, you may try a higher value, to make the car feel more aggressive once you release the throttle.

Recommendation: 18%

  • Max Brake Force

Lower Value: Effect:To make the brake less aggressive, try reducing this value. It will also minimize the risk of damaging your spur/pinion.

Recommendation: 75%

Higher Value: Effect: It's the brake set in proportion of the position of the trigger position. A higher value means stronger brake.

Recommendation: 100%

  • Brake Rate Control

Lower Value: Effect: To have a smoother brake response, try to go down with this value a little.

Recommendation: 15%

Higher Value: Effect: The lower the value, the smoother the brake will feel. However, we rarely change this setting. It all comes down to the driver's personal preference.

Recommendation: 20%

  • Brake Frequency

Lower Value: Effect: A lower value will make the brake feel more aggressive. When using a linear control, start with a low value.

Recommendation: 1K

Higher Value: Effect:For a smoother brake feel, try to go up with this value. It comes down to driver preference, and also depends on the motor and rotor used. Higher value makes the ESC hotter.

Recommendation: 2K

  • Brake Control

Lower Value: Effect: Of the three different modes offered, the linear one is definitely the one most frequently used. It gives the best feel and precision for most tracks.

Setting: Linear

Higher Value: Effect: Some drivers may prefer a stronger brake, but with a lower brake EPA setting on the radio, in that case try the traditional brake mode. Hybrid setting is between Linear and Traditional

Setting: Traditional


  • Boost Timing

Lower Value: Effect: The dynamic timing is effective over the whole throttle range. It can be set to be activated from RPM, or throttle amount (Auto). A higher value will give you more bottom and mid range power. Start with none, or a low value for modified racing.

Recommendation: 3

Higher Value: Effect: For bigger tracks, where some mid-straights need non-full throttle but fast speed, go up the value to have improved bottom to mid power.

Recommendation: 10

  • Timing Activation

Effect: The boost can be set to be activated either by RPM or throttle input. The most frequently used setting is definitely RPM. In boosted stock class AUTO will help on motor temp, less heat.

Setting: RPM

  • Boost Start RPM

Lower Value: Effect: It determines the RPM where the boost will be activated. For modified, start with the value below. For stock racing, this value should be lower.

Recommendation: 7500

Higher Value: Effect: We rarely change this setting even when going from a small to a big track.

Recommendation: 7500

  • Boost End RPM

Lower Value: Effect: It determines the RPM, where the boost will be fully applied.

Recommendation: 22500

Higher Value: Effect: We tend to keep this value fixed, and play with the boost value itself instead.

Recommendation: 22500

  • Turbo Timing

Lower Value: Effect: The degrees of timing which will be applied only at full throttle, to increase the top speed on straight. This is very much dependent on the track size, motor and gear ratio used. For modified, and 4.5T, a medium sized track, start with the value below.

Recommendation: 25

Higher Value: Effect: For tracks with really long straights, you may increase this value a lot. Keep in mind that in stock classes, a higher value will be necessary.

Recommendation: 38

  • Turbo Delay

Lower Value: Effect: Instead of the turbo being activated instantly on full throttle position by the trigger, you may set this to have a small delay - a higher value will help the car has reasonable speed before the turbo kicks in. That will also avoid extra high current drawn from the ESC.

Recommendation: 0.05

Higher Value: Effect: For bigger tracks, particularly outdoor tracks, try a bit longer turbo delay, which is also important to prevent the turbo from being activated in the infield sections.

Recommendation: 0.15

  • Turbo Increase Rate (deg/0.1sec)

Lower Value: Effect: This defines the speed of how the turbo is applied. A higher value means that the turbo will initiate with more force, quicker. Keep in mind that this also increases the ESC temperature. A good starting point for modified is shown below.

Recommendation: 18 deg/0.1s

Higher Value: Effect: If you need the car to reach its top speed faster, try a higher value.

Recommendation: 24 deg/0.1s

  • Turbo Decrease Rate (deg/0.1sec)

Lower Value: Effect: When the throttle position is moved from full throttle to partial throttle, the turbo being deactivated rapidly may make the car harder to control. For instance, in a corner following a straightaway. However, for the most aggressive handling feel, keep this setting at instant.

Setting: Instant

Higher Value: Effect: To have a smoother transition from top speed to medium speed, try a low value of decrease rate.

Recommendation: 12 deg/0.1s

Download the file here.

Original release by Michał Milan Milanowicz (Xray)

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